d7x (PC Technician Software) – d7xTech.com (formerly Foolish IT) https://www.d7xtech.com Computer Repair Software - PC Tech Utilities - Malware Prevention Tue, 23 Apr 2019 21:09:48 -0400 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=5.1.1 42914034 d7x v19.4.19 Release Notes https://www.d7xtech.com/d7x-v19-4-19-release-notes/ https://www.d7xtech.com/d7x-v19-4-19-release-notes/#respond Fri, 19 Apr 2019 21:25:24 +0000 http://www.d7xtech.com/?p=16718 d7x v19.4.19 Release Notes:

  • Added new tweaks including Windows 10 only tweaks and desktop icons; rearranged Tweaks tabs.
  • Added dSupportSuite Install/Set User Details to End Session tab.
  • dSupportSuite installation process now creates desktop/start menu shortcuts that obey the custom application icon and the custom application name for dSupportSuite, if configured.


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d7x v19.3.28 Release https://www.d7xtech.com/d7x-v19-3-28-release/ https://www.d7xtech.com/d7x-v19-3-28-release/#respond Thu, 28 Mar 2019 19:40:42 +0000 http://www.d7xtech.com/?p=16602 Changes in d7x v19.3.28:

  • Added tweaks: Disable Install of Suggested Apps, and Disable Ads and Suggested Apps in Windows 10.
  • Added ‘Block Program’ and ‘Block Program from Internet Only’ to right click options in KillEmAll results windows.
  • Fixed bug: System with no Anti-Virus installed wasn’t triggering red/alert status on System Info tab.


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d7x v19.3.25 Release Notes https://www.d7xtech.com/d7x-v19-3-25-release-notes/ https://www.d7xtech.com/d7x-v19-3-25-release-notes/#respond Mon, 25 Mar 2019 21:59:35 +0000 http://www.d7xtech.com/?p=16593 d7x v19.3.25 Additions:

  • Added tweaks:  force classic control panel, power plan options, show all icons in system tray, toggle ‘People’ on taskbar in Win10, disable startup app delay on Win10, and option to enable/disable Storage Sense on Win10.
  • Previously when a client name was entered on the Session Start prompt, this replaced the computer name in the information/work report header.  Now both client name and computer name will appear in report headers.


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d7x v19.3.18 Release Notes https://www.d7xtech.com/d7x-v19-3-18-release-notes/ https://www.d7xtech.com/d7x-v19-3-18-release-notes/#respond Mon, 18 Mar 2019 18:28:32 +0000 http://www.d7xtech.com/?p=16586
  • Fixed settings on End Session tab not saving until you close d7x normally, despite pressing the Save Settings button; this bug caused a subsequent config upload to the Config Mgmt Portal to have these settings unsaved.
  • Additionally the End Session tab’s close and delete option never saved as a setting before, now it does.
  • A lot of d7x functionality wasn’t logging in the work report; fixed.

    https://www.d7xtech.com/d7x-v19-3-18-release-notes/feed/ 0 16586
    d7x v19.3.11 Release – Firewall Blocking https://www.d7xtech.com/d7x-v19-3-11-release-firewall-blocking/ https://www.d7xtech.com/d7x-v19-3-11-release-firewall-blocking/#respond Mon, 11 Mar 2019 22:42:26 +0000 http://www.d7xtech.com/?p=16525 This release adds program blocking via the Windows Firewall to the d7x Program Blocker and KillEmAll functionality!


    https://www.d7xtech.com/d7x-v19-3-11-release-firewall-blocking/feed/ 0 16525
    d7x v19.3.5 Release Notes and Custom Apps Update 2019-03-05 https://www.d7xtech.com/d7x-v19-3-5-release-notes-and-custom-apps-update-2019-03-05/ https://www.d7xtech.com/d7x-v19-3-5-release-notes-and-custom-apps-update-2019-03-05/#respond Tue, 05 Mar 2019 19:32:38 +0000 http://www.d7xtech.com/?p=16452 d7x v19.3.5 Release Notes

    • On the Reports tab left column, the Web browser passwords, Mail passwords, and Wireless key reports now save to file automatically.
    • Added IEPV, ChromePass, and PasswordFox (all Nirsoft utilities) to the web browser passwords report (saved as separate files.)
    • All Nirsoft and Sysinternals utilities used by d7x internal functionality now save to either the Nirsoft or Sysinternals folder under 3rd Party Tools.
    • Fixed Test button not firing when creating a new custom app.


    Additional Custom Apps Update

    • Added Steve Gibson/GRC’s DNS Benchmark utility.


    https://www.d7xtech.com/d7x-v19-3-5-release-notes-and-custom-apps-update-2019-03-05/feed/ 0 16452
    d7x v19.3.2 Release https://www.d7xtech.com/d7x-v19-3-2-release/ https://www.d7xtech.com/d7x-v19-3-2-release/#respond Sat, 02 Mar 2019 21:06:31 +0000 http://www.d7xtech.com/?p=16441 The d7x v19.3.2 Release adds an important new feature for Windows 10 and Microsoft accounts.  During any restart to Safe Mode initiated through d7x, it will now automatically create a temporary admin user IF the current user account is a Microsoft (online) account.  The temporary admin user named “d7x_TempAdmin” contains no password for login, and will be deleted automatically during End Session.  If you are logged in to that user account during End Session, you will be prompted to End Session again from another user account, and then you will be logged out.

    This feature was added because typically a Microsoft account password will NOT allow login to that user account in Safe Mode.  For one thing, if you can’t login to Safe Mode then there was no point in rebooting to Safe Mode, but there is another good reason to do this.  Because d7x modifies the BCD to automatically start in Safe Mode, it must run in Safe Mode again to undo the modifications, which it normally does automatically; but it cannot run if a user does not login to Safe Mode, and this would trap the PC in a Safe Mode loop.

    A second new feature tied to the same reasoning will prompt you to create this same temporary user if on the Session Start prompt you select to AutoLogin a user to Windows and the selected user account is a Microsoft account.  This is recommended not only in case you need to boot to Safe Mode, but also in case you use the wrong password for a Microsoft account, which if you did you would then be stuck in a logon/logoff loop.

    https://www.d7xtech.com/d7x-v19-3-2-release/feed/ 0 16441
    d7x v19.2.28 Release https://www.d7xtech.com/d7x-v19-2-28-release/ https://www.d7xtech.com/d7x-v19-2-28-release/#respond Thu, 28 Feb 2019 15:27:43 +0000 http://www.d7xtech.com/?p=16416 Fixes:  From last release, existing custom apps were not saving changes.

    Additions:  Malware Search Tool whitelist definitions (once an optional download from the website) are now automatically downloaded, and used in addition to any existing definitions you may have.  They are also converted to a newer format with less than half the file size.

    v19.2.28.1 Update:

    Fixed user created custom apps not deleting from Config > Custom Apps tab.

    https://www.d7xtech.com/d7x-v19-2-28-release/feed/ 0 16416
    d7x v19.2.20 Release Notes https://www.d7xtech.com/d7x-v19-2-20-release-notes/ https://www.d7xtech.com/d7x-v19-2-20-release-notes/#respond Wed, 20 Feb 2019 22:06:59 +0000 Improvements:

    • Improvements to Windows Update repairs for all versions of Windows including 10.
    • Improvements to many other repairs for Windows 10 (specifically) including safe mode services, networking/winsock, defender/firewall, file associations, and more.



    • Fixed an issue where changing configs in Config Mgmt Portal to an older d7II based config did not overwrite all existing config settings even after restarting d7x.
    • New backup download routines will solve an issue with downloading ADWCleaner.
    • Windows Update link (Internet Menu) now properly opens Windows Update on Windows 10.


    Other Changes:

    Began custom apps system rewrite including:

    • Implemented new config file formats allowing for easy expansion of new settings.  All user-created custom apps will be converted to the new formats automatically.
    • Now each custom app lives in its own directory, both in config areas and in .\3rd Party Tools
      • Your existing downloaded custom apps WILL RE-DOWNLOAD to new locations with this update!
    • Implemented new interface for configuring custom apps, which may be slightly more overwhelming, but is organized better and far more descriptive.


    v19.2.21 Update:

    This update corrects an issue with the previous update and running an older d7x config from the d7xRDT.  d7x v19.2.20 was not waiting to convert user-created custom apps which were not yet downloaded from an older d7x config by the d7xRDT, and therefore only default custom apps were present when d7xRDT was used with an older d7x config.  This v19.2.21 update corrects that issue.

    v19.2.25 Update:

    Corrects an issue with user created custom apps not being configured properly in the conversion process with respect to the download location of the custom app.

    To resolve any issue in custom apps not functioning as expected, you can close d7x, then DELETE the entire .\d7x Resources\Config\Apps directory, then restart d7x (this will force a new conversion of your existing custom apps to the new system, with the proper setting for download location applied.)

    https://www.d7xtech.com/d7x-v19-2-20-release-notes/feed/ 0 16340
    d7x Default Apps Update 2019-02-18 https://www.d7xtech.com/d7x-default-apps-update-2019-02-18/ https://www.d7xtech.com/d7x-default-apps-update-2019-02-18/#respond Mon, 18 Feb 2019 22:00:34 +0000
  • Updated download location for Sophos Virus Removal Tool
  • Removed JRT (no longer exists)
  • Removed the Microsoft FixIt (no longer exists, RIP) and a few other specific FixIt’s that no longer exist.

    Default apps are managed automatically, and will update at the start of any new session with internet access.  You can force update through the “Main” drop down menu and “Check for Updates” (although the update is performed, you will receive a message that no APPLICATION updates were found.)

    https://www.d7xtech.com/d7x-default-apps-update-2019-02-18/feed/ 0 16337