Latest News – (formerly Foolish IT) Computer Repair Software - PC Tech Utilities - Malware Prevention Mon, 13 Jan 2020 14:35:36 +0000 en-US hourly 1 42914034 CryptoPrevent v19.01.09.0 Released Thu, 10 Jan 2019 05:35:56 +0000 v19.01.09.0 (January 9th, 2019)

  • Added rules for SRP Double Extensions to include (.7 & .ARJ)
  • Corrected possible issues with Updating from System Tray or problems with System Tray after an update (note: issues may still occur with this update since the issue will still exist in current EXE)
  • Subscription page now shows product key for the registered system or the 1st 5 of Bulk/White-Label Key being used for easier management and identification
  • Updated Digital Certificate for EXE files:
    • CryptoPrevent.exe
    • CryptoPreventFilterMod.CryptoPreventEXEC
    • CryptoPreventMonSvc.exe
    • CryptoPreventNotification.exe
    • d7x.exe
    • KillEmAll.exe
  • Other minor bug fixes

We STILL have several more improvements already in development and testing, so there should be additional updates in the coming days.
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d7x v20.1.11 Release Notes Sat, 11 Jan 2020 16:47:50 +0000
  • Added tweak “Disable Background Store Apps” which will prevent ALL Windows Store Apps from running in the background when you aren’t using them.  This is found under Windows 10 on the tweaks tab.
  • Added new “Fix File Sharing and Network Discovery” functionality; search in d7x Network features to add to your custom lists.  This feature enables verifies if services are configured properly, enables File and Printer Sharing, enables Network Discovery and Auto Setup of Networked Devices, disables Password Protected Sharing and the Guest account password
  • Added new “Fix File Sharing with Older/Linux Devices” functionality; search in d7x Network features to add to your custom lists.  This feature enables 40/56bit encrypted file sharing and installs the SMB1 Protocol, which are helpful with older network devices or Linux-based PCs.

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    New app: Uncle Carey’s Windows 10 NetFix has been released! Sat, 11 Jan 2020 16:15:58 +0000 Uncle Carey’s Windows 10 NetFix was conceived by Carey Holzman and developed by to make life easier when setting up or troubleshooting file sharing and communication between network devices on Windows 10/8.x.  We at d7xTech thought it would be a good idea to expand upon it and include some networking repair functionality found in our d7x Technician’s tool, but this is entirely optional.

    This tool is perfect for:

    • Anyone who wants to easily apply these tweaks and fixes to their own systems.
    • PC technicians who wish to apply the same tweaks and fixes to every PC they work on.


    Check out Uncle Carey’s Windows 10 NetFix, on sale for a limited time only!

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    Lockdown v1.0 Released! Wed, 08 Jan 2020 20:48:35 +0000 Lockdown is a preventative measure for use against malware/ransomware attacks, which works by leveraging Windows Software Restriction Policies to prevent programs from running unexpectedly and from blocked locations.  Lockdown is designed in the opposite way that CryptoPrevent works with SRP, in that Lockdown by default blacklists the entire file system, and whitelisting must be applied to allow programs to run (even built-in Windows programs!)  Locksmith also goes a step further and restricts not only executables, but DLLs and other code libraries as well.

    Lockdown may also be used simply to restrict a PC to running only certain applications, keeping your end users out of trouble.

    Lockdown is designed for ADVANCED USERS ONLY, who should be somewhat familiar with Software Restriction Policies.  If you don’t understand anything regarding usage of the program, that isn’t you, and you should look to our  CryptoPrevent instead for similar protections.

    Get Lockdown here:

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    d7x v20.1.3 Release Notes Fri, 03 Jan 2020 18:26:08 +0000
  • Added code to recognize the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge affecting various functionality such as deleting temp internet files, etc.
  • Improved cache, history, and cookie cleanup of all supported Chromium-based browsers (which now includes Chromium, Chrome, Chrome Canary, Dragon, Opera, Opera Beta, Opera Developer, Microsoft Edge Beta, and hopefully Microsoft Edge when released officially.)
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    d7x v19.12.18 Release Notes Wed, 18 Dec 2019 15:51:43 +0000 Due to recent server changes, this release:

    • Provides a fix for uploading debug reports.
    • Modifies the update check code.
    • Removes redundant code in downloading d7x dependencies.
    • Is a required update surpassing all previous updates.


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    d7x v19.12.16.1 Release Notes Mon, 16 Dec 2019 20:48:33 +0000
  • Added extract password setting to custom apps supporting password protected ZIP and RAR files as well as AES256 encrypted ZIP and 7z files. Useful for password protecting or encrypting app files that you might want to host on your own webserver over HTTP/S for custom apps, but you don’t want the whole world to have access to those files, such as paid version apps, etc.
  • Added a separate Setup File (64bit) setting to custom apps. Use when an app has different installers for 32/64-bit versions.
  • Updated the paid Ninite integration and verbiage from NiniteOne to Ninite Pro Classic; now d7x will look for NinitePro.exe in addition to the older NiniteOne.exe in your 3rd Party Tools directory.
  • Corrected an issue causing d7x to always re-download a custom app, attempt download twice, or merely fail to run when an installer is configured for that app.
  • Modified some server connectivity code for downloading dependencies.

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    d7x v19.12.10.0 Release Notes Tue, 10 Dec 2019 18:42:27 +0000
  • Implemented variables for client name and ticket number in the Download URL fields of a custom app. These variables are the same as used in emails, and are %name% and %num% respectively, so you would use them like This was specifically implemented for a customer using
  • Added a d7x function to email reports as configured on the End Session tab. This was implemented so that you can automatically email reports after generating the Info Report for example, but before repairs are completed. If you require a certain template, be sure to save the settings on the End Session tab so that template automatically loads and gets used for the automated email.  To find it, just search all d7x functions for ’email’ and it will pop up.
  • The Email Reports dialog (Reports tab > Manage/Send Reports) now remembers the last email template used.
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    d7x v19.11.13 Release Notes Wed, 13 Nov 2019 16:39:28 +0000
  • Added d7x Tools tab option to search/run all internal d7x functionality.
  • Added a retry on failure when sending email fails using the Auto Authentication setting; the retry uses the LOGIN method. This may alleviate intermittent failures to send email as observed with Office 365 servers.
  • Fixed bug where d7x would not start Windows Update properly on newer builds of Windows 10.

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    dSupportSuite Client Software Update v19.11.13 Wed, 13 Nov 2019 16:37:36 +0000 Fixes/Additions:

    • During the Maintenance routine’s Windows Defender scan, dSS will now attempt to start Defender if it is disabled.
    • Fixed bug where the client software would not start Windows Update properly on Windows 10.


    Update Availability:  As always, client software will receive updates during the scheduled hearbeat (if configured), at application startup (if configured), or always prior to any Maintenance run.

    • Updates deploy automatically to client software installed by d7x subscribers deploying the built-in dSupportSuite client software, as well as owners of dSupportSuite Mgmt Console using dCloud (legacy accounts.)
    • Owners of dSupportSuite Mgmt Console who are using Self-Hosted FTP for configuration/deployment (the majority) must deploy this client EXE to your customers manually through your own FTP server.  See this video for a how-to:
    • Client components aside from the main Client EXE will deploy automatically regardless of self-hosted status.


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    d7x v19.10.28 Release Notes Mon, 28 Oct 2019 19:34:48 +0000
  • Fixed default email template not loading automatically on the End Session tab.
  • Changed default email subject from “d7x Reports” to “d7 Reports” to conform to RepairShopr integration.

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